First Tomato of the Season!

Today, my first cherry tomato of the season ripened!  I had seen it changing color for a few days , and today I decided it was a nice, ripe orange.  I plucked it right off the vine and put it right into my mouth…like a greedy little squirrel.  Don’t tell BK that I didn’t even offer to share…

I will tell you what: garden-grown tomatoes are just infinitely better than store-bought.  This isn’t true with all vegetables, but is certainly true with tomatoes.  There was so much flavor to it that I almost died.  I’ll be on the deck every day in the near future searching for the little ripe bundles of joy, trying not to eat all of them before I even get downstairs…

If you don’t have a garden, you can easily grow tomatoes in a pot, and I have some recommendations on great pots that make for easy growing…drop me a line!


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