Arch Nemeses

Spider mites.  Spider mites, spider mites.  I can’t even express how much I hate them.  They used to blow into my condo balcony garden and slowly suck the life out of everything…tomatoes, morning glories, even the seemingly indestructible marigolds.  They make the blasted aphids look like choir boys.  If you’ve read “The $64 Tomato,” one of my favorite books, then you’ll understand: spider mites are my sod webworms…my Super Chuck.

Absolutely nothing I found had been able to get rid of them.  Even pesticides prove ineffective because there are just far too many leaves on a morning glory and a tomato plant to be able to spray them all.  When we moved and got a real deck, I hoped against hope for them to either stay away, or to be able to combat them with a powerful hose.

Well, they came.  They landed on the morning glories.  I almost cried.

But I wiped my tears and went to battle.  I faithfully sprayed the leaves with the hose every day, both to knock them off and because they don’t grow as fast in humid conditions.   It worked well and they disappeared.  I felt quite triumphant. 

Ill-advised, Little Kimchi Pierogi, ill-advised.

Last week, I found them on the tomatoes, which is potentially much more devastating, because I L-O-V-E my tomatoes.  I stuck to my hose battle plan, but as seems to always happen with these evil beings, I don’t panic early enough and they sneak up on me.  Yesterday, I saw that they were on more of the tomato plant than I had thought, as well as the green beans, cucumber, and zucchini.  ARGH!!!  I found this out when, suddenly, a large back portion of the tomato plant just seemed to disappear…that’s what happens, overnight they just devastate a large portion of your plant.

So, I went a little nuts with the hose and sprayed and sprayed like a madwoman.  My plan now is to spray every morning and night.  I am hoping to keep them at least under control, even if I can’t send them into extinction like I want to do since they are pure evil.

Anyone have any other effective spider mite solutions?


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