About The Little Kimchi Pierogi

I feel lucky for so many things in my life, but chief among them is a good metabolism. Because I like to eat.  Really, really like to eat.  And it affects my life in ways it shouldn’t.

  • One of my chief motivations for running cross country in high school was so that I could eat more.  Yes, I tortured myself by running for miles and miles every week so I could consume more spaghetti.
  • I travel for work a lot and generally don’t like it (you wouldn’t either if you got sent to places like Boise, Idaho in the middle of the winter). The only reason I am able to tolerate it is because I get to eat fun and different food that I don’t have to pay for.
  • I look up restaurant menus constantly, planning what I am going to order days in advance.  I hate the restaurants that don’t have their menu’s online  – what is this, 1995??

I should say though, that I’m certainly not a picky eater (although I tolerate the one I’m married to because he’s so darn cute), but am also no foodie (black truffles and sweetbreads aren’t desserts?  what?).  I love a good meal that a working girl can put together with ingredients from one commercial grocery store, about 45 minutes, and 3 pots or less (more than that and I get loud complaints from the dishwasher, unless dinner happened to be 2 pounds of filet and chocolate cake…for that he will tolerate anything).  It turns out though that cooking simple, quick-ish food can be just as delicious and adventurous as making sea salt foam-topped roasted butternut squash risotto (I just made that up, but it sounds fancy, doesn’t it?).  For all of you out there that can appreciate that, this blog is for you!

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